UK Online Buyers v International Buyers

The fall-out from the loss of the Mademakers’ hosted shop continues, if you are a UK buyer, no problem,  the shop link above will take you to the Giftzouk shop. If you are an international buyer please click here and go to our sister business eBay shop.

The reason for this rigmarole is that Giftzouk is specifically for the UK market with inclusive prices for UK postage. The eBay shop will allow postage worldwide, unlike the Giftzouk shop. Luckily a new customer in Long Beach found this out a couple of hours ago for themselves!

Mademakers Shop Update

Today we became aware that our shop hosted on had ‘disappeared’. On checking their Facebook group we found that their page had been archived, also there was no connection to the server of either or the US variant.

With over 100 items listed in this store, the loss of the listings themselves would have caused damage to any craft producer. We have heard of one cardmaker that had 300 cards listed on the site, the loss of the listings means that she will basically have to start again. Luckily, we have a copy of the shop listed on the Giftzouk platform and so saying clicking on our shop link  will now take you there. Unfortunately, the links on google etc to the items on mademaker will no longer work, so please click on the shop link above.

We’ve emailed the site owners hoping that it is a glitch, but with the archiving of the Facebook page, it doesn’t look good.

On-wards and upward.

New Gemstones Arriving.

We’ve had some new Pearls, Green Amethyst and Tigers Eye arrive today,  no doubt they will be appearing in some new designs in our shop soon.

Watch this space, we have more gemstones in the post to us we write.